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No December 15, 2012

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my heart fills with sadness

there are no words for a tragedy like this

the children

their laughter

their giggles

their tears

their running feet

and skipping jumps


no longer on this earth


gone forever


ten sleep nights before Christmas

taken away

the parents…oh my God, the parents…

they have lost what they brought into this world

their children

they were not there

they could not protect them

the horror

oh my God, the horror

their children being shot in school

without them

without their mommy or daddy

they could not lean over them and protect them from the bullets

they could not stand up and say, “no, take me”

and it grows dark outside

and the children do not come home from school

their chair at the dinner table — empty

they will not sleep in their bed tonight

because they are gone

and tears fill a nation’s eyes

and the streams weep

and the mountains shake with sadness

on bended knees

we sit with these families

we place our hands on their backs

we squeeze their hands

and we weep

and we say nothing

we are still

and we cry.


December 14, 2012

Copyright Cheairs Graves December 14, 2012


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  1. Your beautiful poem speaks for us all. Thank you.

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