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Awww, shit… October 25, 2012

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This post contains cuss words. Actually one cuss word in particular — SHIT. And this is a post about a mom who has used this word way too many times. And this is a story about a little boy who heard his mom use this word way too much. So he said what she said. And well, shit, this is getting way too confusing. So here, just read the post.



It is a word that has always come spewing out of my mouth.

Drop something on the floor.


Walk into the bathroom to find that Dawson has dumped my contacts in the sink.

Oh shit.

Watch in disbelief as Dawson squirts the liquid from his water bottle onto the walls of his room.

Oh shit, Dawson don’t do that!

Stroll into the playroom to find a beautiful painting that Dawson has created on our carpet.

Shit, shit, shit and shit.

You get the idea.

Sometimes life just calls for the word.


And you know, like any good mama, I have tried really hard not to say this word in front of my little Dawson and Mae Mae.

But as it turns out, I have not done a great job at keeping my curse words from the ears of my little ones.

Because things slip out in these moments of contacts dumping, carpet painting, and water bottle squirting.

Dave has always warned me. Before Dawson had words, my husband would say, “You know the first word out of his mouth is going to be shit.”

I would smile, “If that is his first word, then great! I will take it! I will take any word, any word at all.”

Guess what?

Yep, you got it.

Dawson now uses the word SHIT.

Not only does he use the word shit, he also uses it in the appropriate context.

And I must admit that I am really darn proud of him.

He drops his fork on the floor.

And says, “Oh shit!”

He trips over a toy in his room.

Any my sweet boy yells, “Shit!”

He walks down the aisle at the Toys R Us and a box Hot Wheels that he is looking at falls from the shelf.

And he looks his daddy right in the eye.

And with his most glorious words he says, “Oh shit.”

We have tried to redirect him.

Teaching him “Aw shucks!” or “Dagnabbit!”

But he runs into the chair at the kitchen table. He looks at his feet and whispers, “Aw shucks” and then his chin rises from his chest. I see the long brown hair that is covering his eyebrows. And his cheeks rise as his eyes squint with great mischief and he says, “Oh shit!”

And he laughs.

The glorious giggles that tell me he knows he has said something he is not supposed to say.

And I look at him.

My face scrunched up as if I have just licked a lemon as I try desperately not to smile, “Oh, you ran into the chair… Aw shucks.”

He stares at me and in a voice that is as flat as Texas he says, “Aw shucks.”

And then his grin.

His smile.

And with a voice that is as high as the mountains and as deep as the valleys he says, “Oh shit!”

And he plops himself in his chair.

He takes a bite of his toast.

And yes.

I yearned for words to come from his mouth.

For him to know the meaning of words.

To use them in context.

And he did it.

And I helped him.

He did what I did.

He imitated me.

Because you know, sometimes life just calls for the word.

And indeed.

Shit happens!

And I am forever grateful that it does.

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Copyright Cheairs Graves October 25, 2012



8 Responses to “Awww, shit…”

  1. Flannery Says:

    I really love this. What I love is that you look beyond the taboo of the word is using, to the fact that he’s using it appropriately and in context, and I celebrate with you! I’ll never forget with I took my then 3-year-old aspie to a tree lighting at the mall, and he chose that time to start repeating “Jesus Christ” loudly. We just pretended he was moved by the spirit!

  2. Diane Says:

    Cheairs….your writings always make me think, reflect, smile and giggle. You have such an amazing talent in creating a vivid scene with mere words. Thank you for sharing your life, family and friendship! We sure do LOVE the GRAVES family!!!

  3. Lindsay Says:

    I love this! My “emergent speaker” (who is 4 and a half) says very few things I can understand, but this one is pretty clear: “Oh, skit!” Like Dawson, he always uses it appropriately! It won’t be long before he starts pronouncing it correctly!
    His inflection is identical to the way I say it. What makes matters worse is that I’m a minister!
    “Shit happens. And I am forever grateful that it does.” Awesome. Thanks for another truthy post.

    • Cheairs Says:

      I think it makes it even better because your minister. You can write a sermon “Skit Happens”!

      • Krista Says:

        Hilarious Cheairs! I love this one! I love how you are glad that he can use “shit” correctly. And really, it is wonderful! What progress! He is identifying that something isn’t right, he is appropriately expressing his emotion and using a word to describe it, AND he recognizes that he shouldn’t use that word and is then using the more appropriate word! Such accomplishments and I love that you are celebrating it!!! Way to go!

  4. This was great because I can so relate. The word that slips from my lips is cr@p — which is closely related to sh*t. Since I’m forever correcting my 8yo on vulgarisms that “we don’t use in our house”, he’s quick to point out every crapper from my lips. Ugh.

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