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The Adventures of Dawson and an Early Dismissal from School August 31, 2012

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Dawson and Mae Mae had an unexpected early dismissal from school this past Wednesday. Okay, so we were given 24 hours’ notice that school would end early on August 30th, and like many parents I was scrambling to reorganize my day to put care and support in place for my kiddos.

I was unable to adequately put my Autism Early Dismissal Plan in place satisfactorily. So with lack of additional support in the home and my delusional fantasy that I could maintain order without the use of electronic devices, the following occurred:


Ummm… Yes, that would be all of the toys that he dumped on the floor. The toys that had been so neatly organized in bins on the book shelf. Not good. Not good at all.

Oh, but wait! The adventure continued:



Yes, that is a picture of my bedroom on my blog. A photograph that I would have never thought of putting up in such a public forum, because the bedroom is kind of a sacred place. But sometimes you just gotta put it all out there. So this ambush occurred when our Dawson decided to go into our room and strip off  the sheets, comforter, and pillows. The whole kit and caboodle.

To round out the sixty minutes in which all of this bedlam occurred, Dawson single-handedly managed to  rearrange our closet and make it a glorious mess. I did not get a photo of this because, well, let’s just say I was not in the mood for any more photo-taking by the time he got to the closet.

I am happy to report that we all survived Dawson’s Early Dismissal from School. After the closet incident, electronic devices were quickly turned on and peace was restored.

As if by magic there was a rhythm, predictability, and calmness that filled our home.

And next time I will not be so stubborn.

I will not fool myself into thinking that I can do it without help.

The help of a neighbor.

A friend.

An electronic device.

Because I need the help.

Even if it comes in the form of a tablet that has an app for YouTube videos.

So next time my little guy has early dismissal again from school.

The electronic devices will be pulled out with great enthusiasm.

They will ping, ring, and sing through our house.

And I will smile!


Copyright Cheairs Graves August 31, 2012


3 Responses to “The Adventures of Dawson and an Early Dismissal from School”

  1. Kate Says:

    I say, if it works, use it! No need to be tough and stoic about limiting what really works. Bring on the electronics! Why do you think we watch the very same movie, over and over, and then some? The titles have changed some since he was little, from Fox and Hounds to Transformers, but movies still are magic!

  2. Annick Saint Martin Says:

    I fell on your blog by accident while doing some research for our little guy. The pictures caught npmy eye immediately. Was this my house? I ended up spending every free minute reading all you blogs. It was as someone was writing our story. I cried and then I smiled. I sent a link to my husband and he called me to say did you see July or September, he was as captivated as me. You are an amazing writer and your family is just beautiful in every way.

    Thank you.

    • Cheairs Says:

      I am so happy to find out that you stumbled across my blog. I thank you for letting me share this journey with you and your husband. Thank you also for your kind words and your support. Thank you.

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